How Do You House a Bunny Indoors?

How Do You House a Bunny Indoors?

When you are taking care of a bunny outdoors and is considering moving them indoors there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration. Housing a bunny indoors is no easy task, there are all sorts of things that have to be done around the house to make sure that they are safe, and comfortable. If the bunny was already raised indoors then he/she will nicely accommodate without any issues, as they are used to it. Where as if it is a bunny which was brought in outdoor accommodations, it may have a hard time adjusting to the new location. It may cause them to feel sacred, and will have more trust issues. So it is vital that the bunny will feel at home to make them feel more secure.

What to know before housing

How Do You House a Bunny Indoors?

You maybe considering on having a bunny around your house, and it’s great, you won’t be lonely anymore and they’ll be part of your family. But before bringing them indoors there are a couple of things you need to know about indoor rabbit house, like;

  • Rabbits need a cuddle buddy. Yes they have our companionship, but we are not with the 24/7 so they tend to get lonely, and depressed, which can make them ill. Having another bunny means that they will be playful, and more enthusiastic. So if you were about to buy one, make it two now. Now you’ll have twice the fun with two bunnies. It’s twice the cuteness you have to endure!
  • They are also highly destructive. They are always looking to gnaw away at anything they find. So that means your furniture is in danger. So before housing your rabbits make sure you bunny proof your entire house.
  • Caution bunnies eat their poop. Bunnies poop a lot! A lot! But as they are trained to do their business in litter boxes it makes the clean up easier and is less messy. And don’t be worried when bunnies eat the poop, it’s actually highly nutritious.
  • Much space is needed. If they are bunnies which have been raised outdoors then that means they are more equipped to have more space, so when housing them indoors it is a necessity to have enough spacing, as they are constantly playing and needing exercise

These are just a few of the things you need to know before you consider housing a pet indoors. There are more things to know consider, but these are the most important.

What a proper house needs

How Do You House a Bunny Indoors?

As you are preparing to house bunnies indoors, the living spaces needs to be adequate enough. As it they need to have an ideal environment which is suited for a rabbit. There needs to be proper ventilation, as rabbits also need clean air during all times of the season, and you need to make sure that no dust gets in as it can cause respiratory problems.

Adequate lighting and temperature, bunnies require both natural and artificial light, so they should be kept in places where the lighting isn’t too harsh. Also natural sunlight will warm up the bunnies, as the ideal temperature they require is 10 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius.

It is also important they should be kept in quiet places, as too much noise can cause temporary and permanent health issues, so noise should be kept to a minimum. So if your house is loud you may want to turn it down a bit.

How to care for you bunny

How Do You House a Bunny Indoors?

When you are ready to house your bunny indoors you need to make sure that everything is set according to plan. There are several steps that have to be taken, the very first one is to set up safe indoor housing. This could a separate room for the bunnies, which have been bunny proofed, or large play pens or cages. It’s important not to isolate the animals, keep them near the family.

And as you are creating safe habitat for your bunnies you need to make it safe all they way around. Bunnies run fast and can slip into things, and they love to chew. So its highly important to bunny proof your house, so that they are safe, and so you can protect your things.


After bringing the bunny it is important to make sure that they have an adequate diet from the very first day. They should be provide fresh hay regularly, and with that they should be provided with fresh greens, fiber, and water. All these are necessary, and must never be excluded from their diet.

Now after your bunnies are introduced to their new homes, they need to be they need to be “potty trained,” this just refers to setting up a litter box. Rabbits are trained to urinate in one particular place. Therefore, a litter box must be setup. Furthermore bunnies require exercise, and enrichment, if they don’t receive this then they tend to become bored. So it is always important to keep them on their tippy toes, and make the have fun with toys.

Grooming is a key aspect, when being kept indoors odours and germs travel fast, it is not like housing a pet outside. Therefore proper care needs to be taken, such as, washing them once in while, brushing their hair so the shedding can come out, and clipping their nails. It’s almost as if it were a beauty parlour. However grooming isn’t the most important thing. The number one is bringing your bunnies to the vet. This is to check the state, health and well being of the bunnies, and make sure that nothing is wrong with them.


How Do You House a Bunny Indoors?

Overall these are the exact measures that need to be taken into account when housing a bunny indoors.

Bunnies are vulnerable creatures, they can’t fight of their predators, even though they are intelligent, and fast it does not mean that they can survive on their own not even if they are raised outdoors, in quality caging, it is highly unlikely. Therefore raising bunnies indoors is meant to keep them safer, and to expand their lives, so they can be with us for a longer periods of time.