What Is The Best Tank For A Turtle? 

What Is The Best Tank For A Turtle? 

Turtles are quite fascinating to look at, and many of them possess attractive markings and obviously colors, making them a very interesting personalities to watch. They can actually go on to make a really great pet when it comes to an interactive pet. The turtles are very much known and popular for recognizing their very owners and are continuously begging them for food which is very much the part of their charm.

Still, a lot of hard work is put in when it comes to keeping the turtle as an interactive pet. They are absolutely not at all like cats and dogs. These turtles do not really enjoy when they are being handled. These turtles can easily go on to live for over 20 to 30 years, and probably more when they are taken good care of. Especially when you provide the turtles with all the proper requirements as they grow there may be the need for larger investment arises to what you initially once expected. To cut things short when one purchases a turtle, he is simply making a commitment to take good and proper care for of course the long haul.

Let’s Now Look Upon The Necessity

What Is The Best Tank For A Turtle? 

As long as housing is concerned, the saying “bigger the better” fits in so well. Most aquatic turtles are involved with swimming meaning they are active swimmers, so you need to opt for the largest size enclosure tank possible. The glass aquarium is amongst a popular choice. One may opt for a 30-gallon turtle tank which is the least size for any smaller breed that measures anywhere between 4 to 6 inches. The turtles ranging anywhere between 6 to 8 inches, it is a 55-gallon turtle tank which is kind of appropriate. For the turtles that measure over 8 inches, the turtle tanks that range around 75 to 125-gallon are a much better option.

Good Filtration System

Not many people are aware of the fact and a secret to a successful turtle keeping which is obviously a crystal clear clean water. It is often said a good system of filtration goes a very long way in order to accomplish successful turtle keeping. Among various choices available the two great choices for the turtle tanks are a canister filter and of course an internal aquarium filter. Whichever you may choose, just make sure you keep maintaining the filter on a regular and consistent basis. Apparently, turtles are clearly very messy.

Keep the tank decorations and lighting to a minimum. Most of the turtles generally destroy all the attempts at aqua-scaping. Substratum in the turtle tank accumulates only uneaten food and the waste, which goes on to quickly breach the water, yet few turtle breed, like soft-shell turtles, that require a soft sand surface, need it. Nonetheless, for most turtles, it is better when you don’t use any gravel or substrate, which eventually makes the cleaning process much easier. Whereas, if an empty-looking tank does not look appealing to you, you can simply go on to decorate it, but just that you need to be more prepared and extra cautious when it comes to cleaning as it gets far more difficult and much frequent cleaning is then needed.

The Types And The Setup

What Is The Best Tank For A Turtle? 

Whether you wish to opt for a glass or an acrylic tank it is all down to your personal preference.  Just to put it out there, acrylic tank is comparatively lighter than the glass tank, however, it is obvious to be slightly on an expensive side, and is much exposed to scratch.

Generally, people opt to buy the available regular fish tank in the market and later they go on to add in the basking lights and dock.

Alternatively, when you are running slightly on a budget restrained side, you can go on to wish to consider buying the second-hand tank from Craigslist/eBay. Which is obviously a lot cheaper and if found in a good condition at a reasonable price it is indeed a win-win situation. All you would be needing to give a check and ensure that the tank must be watertight.

The Turtle Tank Equipments

What Is The Best Tank For A Turtle? 


Turtles simply go on to produce too much waste, so one really requires to be using a good quality of the filter. However, if you are not willing to invest in a decent kind of quality filter, the water will surely become dirty quite often on a very regular basis and the turtles will get sick, which you would not require at all for sure.

There are certain turtle filters available in the market that are designed in order to handle that much amount of waste that is being produced by the turtles. Also, the larger aquarium filters are pretty much fine to put in use as far as they do have the biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.

When you are opting a filter for an aquarium, go with the one which is 2 or 3 times bigger to that of the size of the tank. For example, let’s say for a 50-gallon tank, look for a filter that is suitable for around 100 to 150 gallon aquarium.

You have quite a few different alternatives when it comes to opting for a filter that is to be installed in a turtle tank. The very first is to use an external units and while they are generally on the most expensive side they have mostly hidden away and honestly kept out of one’s sight.

Heating Lamps And Lighting

What Is The Best Tank For A Turtle? 

They play a huge role. When the turtles are in a tank, they do require twelve hours of light every day, but that should not be of the direct sunlight.


Generally for three reasons:

  • Light encourages breeding, feeding and lastly their mood (UVA light)
  • In order to strengthen the shell and their bone growth (UVB light)
  • They also require the heat via lights

Above mentioned detailed information is pretty much likely to help you find your best turtle tanks.